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  • Paul Lundeen

Tell the Colorado House -- Vote No on SB153

I strenuously oppose SB153.

As introduced, Senate Bill 153 would have radically reshaped the way elections are administered in this state. It would have allowed the Secretary of State to become both prosecutor and enforcer of election law, roles which in the American legal system are traditionally held separate.

It would have sullied the free speech protections of the First Amendment by punishing speech acts by election officials that you and I may disagree with, but that are nonetheless the Constitutional right of every American to make.

We pushed--and the bill was substantially amended. Unfortunately, the amendments adopted by this body on second reading do not change the fact that Senate Bill 153 will wrest control of elections from the government that serves the people best, the one closest to the people - in Colorado, that means our county clerks and recorders.

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