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  • Paul Lundeen

SD 9 Delegates Have Chance to Reverse the Colorado Slide

Thank you for getting elected as a delegate to the Senate District 9 assembly. Assembly is the second step on our grassroots method of self governance in Colorado. I’m asking for your vote and support to change the political direction of Colorado.

Every advocacy group in Colorado rates me as either almost or THE most conservative voting record in the Colorado State Senate. But this race is about more than sending me back to Denver because I’m a constitutional conservative. It’s about changing the wrong direction Colorado is sliding.

You know those Colorado Legislative Bills that make you groan when you hear about them? You have the ability to do something about that at our assembly. A Republican majority in the Senate under my leadership will completely change the political paradigm in Colorado. Together we can kill the worst of those bills.

The republican senate caucus elected me to lead our effort to win control of the State Senate into republican hands this election cycle. We need to win three of the five competitive seats. It’s going well. The campaigns are shaping up well, my team and I are raising money very well and we are getting national attention.

Last week the Republican State Leadership Committee endorsed my leadership and announced the Colorado Senate is a top pick up priority for them. This is the group that was fundamental in flipping the Virginia House and electing Glenn Younkin Governor of Virginia. Today they are backing my play and are on our team in Colorado.

So I’m asking you to join the team. Re-elect me, Paul Lundeen, to Senate District Nine and change the political direction of Colorado.

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