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Better Jobs and Affordability

Champion of policies to invest in Colorado’s future through lower taxes, fewer regulations, better roads and bridges, and improved education options for parents and students




Defender of the Unborn

Led the 15 hour Senate debate to fight against the Democrats' radical bill that would allow partial birth abortion




Next Colorado Senate President​

Leading the charge to win the Senate for Republicans in 2022 to stop democrat bills that raise taxes, undermine election integrity, and grow state government


Protecting Your Privacy

Champion for Medical Freedom


Authored data privacy law to protect Coloradans from big tech and big government abuse of personal information

Safer Colorado Communities


Wrote bill to support police departments across Colorado with funding to keep more highly trained officers on our streets

Led the charge against bills that limited medical freedom through mandates, vaccine registries, and government control over personal lives


Advocate for Election Integrity

Authored bill to restore in person voting with identification and fought the Secretary of State’s power grab on elections


School Choice Leader Since 2012

Authored and led dozens of bill to support a parent’s right to direct the education and upbringing of their child – not government


Top Advocate for Roads and Bridges

Led the charge to widen I-25 between Colorado Springs and Denver and continue to advocate for key infrastructure investments in our roads and bridges in El Paso County

"When we empower people - not government - we unleash the American spirit. School Choice is a family’s freedom. Medical autonomy is medical freedom. Public safety is our community’s freedom. Election integrity is America’s freedom. Majorities matter because freedom is always under attack."

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Opportunity can only grow when we understand how issues become interconnected and voters choose conservative leaders who reduce government size to its appropriate and limited role:

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The Colorado Senate is just three seats away from a conservative check on the out-of-control Democrat agenda. My Republican colleagues elected me as Senate Republican Minority Whip to ensure that Republican ideals like freedom and independence will not be cancelled in the culture war we are now facing. 2022 is the time for us to win back a majority! We can must push back against a bloated and ever-growing state government.

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