Colorado State Rep. Paul Lundeen

Paul & Connie Lundeen

Paul & Connie Lundeen

We live in a friendly community, a beautiful state, and a great country. Our country’s greatness is rooted in the principles of limited government and individual liberty, established by our founders and protected in the two greatest political documents on earth – The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.  It is in this atmosphere of liberty that the creativity, brilliance and generosity of the individual are unleashed.

Today we find ourselves in much different times. We have bloated government, saddled with unfunded liabilities and excessive regulations that hamstring small business owners and cramp the job creation our economy desperately needs. As an entrepreneur and small business owner for nearly 30 years I know what it is first hand to wade through these encumbrances. I have also faced down the challenge to keep government small as the chairman of the Colorado State Board of Education, a sphere in which more dollars spent has not translated into a better education for our children.

It is an honor to be a proven conservative who has fought and will continue to fight for our constitutional right for Smaller Government and Freer People.

With your support, I will continue to fight for smaller, more effective government and personal liberty at the state Capitol as your State House Representative in Colorado’s House District 19.

Sincerely yours,