Colorado State Senator

District Nine

Paul Lundeen — Colorado Senate Nine

Paul Lundeen

Paul Lundeen

We live in a friendly community, a beautiful state, and a great country. Our country’s greatness is rooted in the principles of limited government and individual liberty established by our founders and protected in the two greatest political documents on earth – The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.  It is in this atmosphere of liberty that the creativity, brilliance and generosity of the individual are unleashed. But freedom and opportunity are increasingly at risk.


Today we must ask ourselves the question: "What kind of Colorado will we leave to our children and their children?" Do they deserve a bloated government stuck on autopilot? Is it right or fair to saddle working people today and the next generation of children with unaffordable programs and policies that government cannot afford and is borrowing to preserve?

We run for Colorado Senate Nine to expand the promise of a better tomorrow for all Coloradans. A lean government that focuses like a laser on the priorities of the people. Roads that are safe and predictable. Educational opportunities for every child that are as unique as each student herself. And a responsive transparent government--not government trapped promoting failing programs through bureaucratic inertia--but one that looks forward and embraces innovation and opportunity. A government that grows smaller so people may grow freer.


It is an honor to be a proven conservative who has fought and will continue to fight for our constitutional right for Smaller Government and Freer People.

With your support, I will continue to fight for smaller, more effective government and personal liberty at the state Capitol as your State Senator in Colorado’s Senate District 9.    

Sincerely yours,