• Paul Lundeen

We Can't Give Up the Fight!

Updated: 7 days ago

Two Bad Bills This Week: Extreme Abortion & Election Bill that Makes the Secretary of State Way Too Powerful

The Republican caucus stood in unified opposition to HB1279…a bill that makes Colorado’s abortion laws among the most extreme in the country.

After debate that lasted all day right up to midnight, Democrats jammed the bill through on a party line vote. I spoke against the bill 10 different times during the almost 15 hour debate. I urge you to watch my closing statement on Third reading near this video.

This week we also fought a terrible election bill. It would have given even more power the highly partisan power hungry Secretary of State. With your help we got two major amendments. One stuck provisions that would have given the Secretary of State powers to be the judge, jury and executioner on items he or she anticipated might happen.

Think about that… it’s like in that Tom Cruise movie where the government thinks it can anticipate and therefore prevent crimes. Not in my Colorado. Not in my America. The other provision we got knocked out would have broken the rights of free speech of election officials at the county level. It would have put the Secretary of State in charge of determine what can and can’t be said!

We got both of those problems removed. But the bill still consolidates too much additional power with the Secretary of State.

I voted no and urge you to reach out to your Colorado House member and let them know your perspective. The house will hear the bill soon. You may want them to use some of the arguments I offered and you can see in my third reading statement video near here. Thanks for staying engaged. After all, it’s our state and country.

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