Lundeen’s Legislative Victories 2018 Session

Thank you for your engagement this session. Today we adjourned the Second Regular Session of the Seventy-First General Assembly sine die. Here is a quick look at the bills we sponsored in the past 120 days. We got some solid wins and brought some great ideas that have shaped the conversation and may support future legislation. We can't do the work without your input and are very grateful to the many of you who communicate with us routinely.


Parent Notification Law for Student Safety and Protection

HB18-1269 - Enrolled into Act


In several instances, districts have failed to promptly notify parents--the front line of student protection--of employees that had been charged with crimes against children in the district. This bill requires that districts notify parents when school employees are charged with certain crimes against children, or crimes that put children at risk.

Expand Concurrent Enrollment Opportunities to High School Students

HB18-1052 - Signed into Law


This law fixes a gap under previous law in which many students had little or no concurrent enrollment options if local education providers declined to provide courses. The bill requires the Colorado Commission on Higher Education to establish a policy that allows a 2-year institution of higher education to provide a concurrent enrollment program to a local education provider that is not within its college service area.

Freedom and Opportunity Solution of Nursing Shortage

HB18-1086 - Became Law Without Signature


This allows community colleges to compete on a level playing field to provide students an equally high quality academic program and ultimately a response to the nursing shortage crisis we face today. The bill allows community colleges to provide new pathways to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Modernized Cybercrime Law for Skimming

HB18-1200 - Enrolled into Act


This bill brings the Colorado criminal code into the 21st century. It criminalizes the use of a computer to solicit, arrange, or offer to arrange a situation where a minor may practice prostitution. The bill also makes “credit card skimming” a felony.

Students Excused From Opting Out of State Assessments Without Penalty

SB18-011- Signed into Law


Students who opt-out of taking state assessments should not be shamed. For example, local education providers cannot prohibit students from participating in activities or make them ineligible to receive any other form of reward. The law restricts local education providers from punishing students for opting out of state testing.

Safe Harbor for Minor Victims of Human Trafficking

SB18-084 - Postponed Indefinitely


Minors involved in human trafficking should not be charged for prostitution-related activities. The bill establishes legislation to further protect minors who are victims of human trafficking. The term "sexually exploited minor" is clarified to include a person less than 18 years of age who has been a victim of human trafficking or has engaged in certain prostitution-related activities.

Internet Gambling Cafes Limited to Permitted State Locations

SB18-1234 - Enrolled into Act


The bill honors the constitution by updating state statute on gambling devices that currently fails to adequately limit gaming outside of the permitted state locations. The bill specifically revises the legal definition of ‘electronic gaming machines’ as well as some other changes to a 2015 statute on gaming in order to give state officials the necessary legal authority to shut down a proliferating illegal gambling market.

Separation of Powers Protection Bill

SB18-043 - Postponed Indefinitely


The governor should be prohibited from nominating the rejected individual a second time for the same office. The bill specifies that if the governor nominates an individual for appointment to a state office and the senate rejects the nomination, the rejected individual is deemed legally unfit for and ineligible to hold the office.

Prohibit Paid Union Activity By Public Employees

SB18-175 - Postponed Indefinitely


Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay for union organizing. This bill prevents public sector unions from doing their organization’s work while being paid by the taxpayer.

Health Effects of Industrial Wind Turbines

HB18-1085 - Postponed Indefinitely

wind turbines.jpg

Are wind turbines harming people? This bill aggregates and makes public all relevant research on the health effects of industrial wind energy turbines.  

Retain Teachers Grant Program

HB18-1412 - Enrolled into Act


Colorado is in a teacher shortage. This bill provides funding for schools to implement programs to reduce the shortage, and creates the Retaining Teachers Grant Program.

Speedy Trial Exclusion for Court Continuance Time

SB18-258 - Postponed Indefinitely

court room.jpg

This bill excludes delays caused by a continuance ordered by a court from the speedy trial calculation in order to eliminate a loophole.

Protecting Students from Harmful Effects of Teacher Strikes

SB18-264 - Amended by sponsor to remove punishment of individuals for contempt of court, Postponed Indefinitely

last teacher.jpg

There are few jobs more important than that of a teacher. They sacrifice evenings and weekends to make sure our students have the best possible learning experience and each one of them deserves to be treated as a professional. The strikes and walkouts are focused on higher pay for teachers, but there are better ways to increase teacher pay. It’s vital that these dollars find their way into the classroom and higher pay for teachers. That’s a choice local districts need to make.

We have concluded business at the capitol, but there is always more work to be done. We look forward to a productive and prosperous year in the state of Colorado. Keep on the lookout for updates as we approach election season this fall.

Thank you for your support and engagement!

Posted on May 9, 2018 .