Protect Students, Promote Teachers and Defend the Constitution

Parent Notification Bill on the Governor’s Desk

This week our Parent Notification Bill passed the House 58-3, the Senate 33-2, and landed on the Governor's desk. This herculean effort was made possible by the collaboration of countless policymakers, teachers, administrators and parents. House Bill 18-1269, which we authored to provide critical information to parents will be a big step in the right direction for student safety and school district transparency.

The law will require school districts to notify parents when a district employee has been charged and a court has found probable cause for a list of crimes that would create a potential threat to student safety. For more details on the bill follow this link.

(Source: Verywell Family)

(Source: Verywell Family)

Lundeen Bill Promotes Effort to Retain Teachers with Grant Program

Our bill to retain great teachers in the classroom also hit the Governor's desk this week.  HB18-1412 creates the retaining teachers grant program to assist school districts, boards of cooperative services, and charter schools in implementing initiatives to improve retention of teachers.

The department of education is directed to implement the grant program by reviewing applications and recommending grant recipients and grant amounts to the state board of education, which awards the grants. The department is also directed to provide information to local education providers concerning the grant program and provide assistance in writing grant applications if requested.

Last Minute ‘Red Flag’ Bill Falls Short

Protecting public safety is a top priority. Preserving our constitutional rights is non-negotiable. HB18-1436, commonly referred to as a “Red Flag” bill or an "Extreme Risk Protection Order", falls short of providing its public safety goals and threatens our Fourth and Second Amendment Constitutional rights. Although I support the policy goals of the legislation, this bill is not the answer.

  1. The bill was inappropriately sprung upon the House of Representatives with less than 24 hours of notice in the last few days of the session to try to push it through without adequate consideration. Important bills with broad and complex ramifications--especially those that threaten Constitutional rights--should be debated at length instead of rushed into law during the last week of session. This bill, regardless of content, was not given adequate time or attention.
  2. The bill would not adequately address the public safety goals that it seeks to resolve. Mental illness is the root of this bill. Confiscating weapons from someone with dangerous mental health concerns may provide some relief but it does not solve the primary issue. It leaves the mentally challenged individual in the same circumstance, at large, with the ability to seek other means of destruction and damage.
  3. Constitutional rights are non-negotiable. HB18-1436 presents multiple constitutional concerns that have not been adequately addressed. The bill was not properly amended to assuage concerns that it would threaten the Fourth Amendment right to protection from search and seizure of Colorado citizens.

Click on the image below to watch my comments to the Colorado House on this issue.

Posted on May 6, 2018 .