Statement on Vote to Expel Rep. Steve Lebsock

Colorado Springs 3/3/18 – Yesterday, following more than seven hours of testimony from members, the Colorado House of Representatives voted 52-9 in favor of a resolution to expel Thornton Democrat Representative Steve Lebsock. Lebsock had been accused by five women of sexual harassment - which included a current state representative claiming she was harassed back in 2016. The allegations led to a controversial third party investigation, which resulted in a 270 page document concluding all 11 allegations were “more likely than not to be credible.”

In addition to the 11 allegations, Lebsock distributed a 28 page missive to the other elected officials he claimed was meant to challenge the allegations. However, Lebsock disclosed extremely personal information, including lewd and graphic details, about several of the victims which was widely viewed as retaliation by other members.

Representative Paul Lundeen issued the following statement regarding his vote for expulsion and the event itself:

“The allegations against Representative Lebsock were deeply concerning. While I believed the victims based on the information made available to me, I was not convinced due process was adequately applied in this investigation. However, Lebsock’s decision to deliberately publish deeply personal and embarrassing details about his accusers is nothing short of retaliation. Such dishonorable behavior was a clear violation House policies and so beneath the dignity of this revered institution that I could not in good conscience vote to allow him to continue to serve in the House of Representatives.”

Minutes before the vote was cast, Representative Lebsock alerted the House Minority Leader he had switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican – denying his own party the opportunity to retain his seat through a vacancy committee.

“Lebsock’s shocking party switch moments before he was removed from his position is a clear indication of his character, and only further supports that his retaliatory nature was unbecoming of a state lawmaker,” Lundeen added.

The only other time a member of the Colorado House of Representative was expelled was in 1915, 103 years ago.

Posted on March 3, 2018 .