Leading the Charge for Education Choice

From the first day we stepped into the realm of policy and politics we have fought for choice in education. Parents know best when it comes to the education of their children. Learning opportunity choice is the best way to ensure that all students receive a quality education.

This week we were reminded of the power of the choice in education. We were visited by students from Academy District 20’s New Opportunities Program for “at-risk” students, and had the opportunity to sit as a judge for the Centennial State Speech and Debate Tournament for homeschool students. The positive impact of school choice in Colorado Springs is clear, and we will continue to fight for educational freedom throughout the state of Colorado.

The Dangers of “Factory-Model” Public Schools

This article written by Stella Morabito of the Federalist highlights 13 dangers of limited choice in education. Morabito warns that deteriorating mental health of children may be partly due to the public school environment. The psychological and social pressures that students face, especially in larger public schools, may be avoidable if parents are given more options. According to Morabito, “as long as we institutionalize kids into prison-like schools built on a factory model and without any other choices, we’ll get more and more psychic alienation and social dysfunction.”


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Centennial State Speech and Debate Tournament

Recently we had the great pleasure of serving as a judge for the Centennial State Speech and Debate Tournament for homeschool students at First Baptist Church in Colorado Springs. The tournament renewed my confidence that the next generation can be a great generation. Find out more about STOA here:http://stoausa.org/ An example of how all of the above education – – in this case homeschool education – – makes America strong. Smart and confident, the teams of Rachael Brody and Nathaniel Braswell duked it out in the arena of words and ideas with Lane Steffens and Kenny Lane.


New Opportunities Program Visit

We were honored to host a class from Academy District 20’s New Opportunities Program for “at-risk” students led by Todd Kirkendall for a day at the state Capitol. Students Reece Bissell, Amari Blue, Aaron Horne, Antoinette Howe, and Elijah Smith joined us on the house floor, took a tour of the capitol, and sat in on the House Education Committee. It is always a pleasure to meet with local students and hear their success stories. We are proud of the Colorado Springs New Opportunities Program which gives students a chance to “rise from the ashes” as is their motto. And we are proud of Reece, Amari, Aaron, Antoinette, and Elijah for choosing to fight for their education, despite previous disciplinary obstacles, such as expulsion. Kirkendall told us that after their Capitol visit the students “understood that their efforts to turn around their lives is important to not only themselves but their life choices can, and do, affect their entire community.”


Stay tuned for more updates throughout the session. Thank you for your continued support and engagement.


Posted on March 1, 2018 .