More More More. Nurse Education Opportunities, High Schools Student Getting College Credit, CDOT Meetings on I-25

We jumped forward this week. Our bill to create more pathways for nursing students to earn Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees passed out of committee and through second reading in The House. Our multi year effort to expand opportunities for high school students to earn college, and career & technical education credits flew through The House and is headed to the Senate. And you have more opportunities to give CDOT your feedback on the I-25 corridor. They must be getting tired of hearing my voice say, "don't toll the third lane."

Update on Roads and Bridges

The Colorado Department of Transportation is hosting a series of listening sessions to engage with local residents and drivers. These sessions are an opportunity to learn more about the project, and ask questions. Your continued involvement and participation is very important. Make your voice heard. To learn more about the I-25 South Gap Project, visit the CDOT project website.

Our Student Opportunity Bill Passed The House

Our student opportunity bill, HB18-1052, expands concurrent enrollment choice for students in unserved areas. It passed through committee, second and third reading votes in The Colorado House this week and is headed to The Senate. Under current law, many students have little or no concurrent enrollment options if community colleges or other providers with control over a territory decline to provide courses. Where a student lives should not stop them from participating in concurrent enrollment options. This bill breaks down barriers and allows institutions to provide concurrent enrollment programs to students if their local institutions are unable or unwilling to do so.


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Nursing Bill Passed Second Reading on the House Floor

Our Nursing Bill, HB-1086, is a bold move to alleviate the nursing shortage in Colorado. Colorado Springs already has a deficit of approximately 1,300 trained nurses with BSN degrees. The problem is getting worse and our hospitals are feeling the pain. This bill provides an easy policy solution to the problem. It gives students who have or are working on an Associates Degree in Nursing at community colleges, sprinkled all about our glorious state, the ability to take the next step in their professional development at the community college. Currently too many students are forced into expensive choices too often outside the state. Our bill will allow Colorado community colleges to offer students a new pathway to earn BSN degrees. Friday, the bill passed second reading and will be up for third reading next week.


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Stay tuned for more updates throughout the session. Thank you for your continued support and engagement.


Posted on February 13, 2018 .