Colorado House Says Kick PARCC Out of High School

This week the Colorado House Unanimously passed our bill, HB 1181.  The legislation will kick the PARCC test out of High School and make the test students take in 9th grade more meaningful.  Instead of PARCC, students will be allowed to take a test that is better aligned with college entrance exams they will take later in their high school career.  This initiative is an excellent step towards tackling the over-testing that has been plaguing our students. 

Thanks to co-prime sponsor, Brittany Petterson.  Click to see Rep Lundeen speak on HB1181

Thanks to co-prime sponsor, Brittany Petterson.  Click to see Rep Lundeen speak on HB1181

Transportation Deal? Look Inside the Budget First

Earlier this week an idea was announced and held out as a "Deal" for transportation in Colorado. 

It would raise state sales tax by more than 20% and spend at least $100 million a year on transit other than roads and bridges.  I'm not so sure that's a great deal for the taxpayers. 

We need to prioritize the existing state budget before we start raising sales tax.  Click on the picture below to hear the rest of the story.

Click here to hear the rest of the story

Click here to hear the rest of the story

I'm not saying it's an easy conversation.  And I don't know if we can solve the transportation problem within the existing budget, but we need to have the conversation about prioritizing the money we're already collecting from you, the taxpayers, before we take the easy way out and ask for a sales tax increase.  

BSA Report to the State

You may know that I am an Eagle Scout.  It has been a meaningful part of my life and continues to have a similar impact on many youths across America.  This week I was proud to host the Boy Scouts of America Report to the State at the Capitol.  The BSA has contributed to the national report through its high-impact Scouting program in Colorado, which served 51,270 local youth members in 2016.

Representative Lundeen recites the Oath with BSA members

Representative Lundeen recites the Oath with BSA members

Scouting's programs and outdoor adventures challenge young people to excel while building their character and preparing them for a lifetime of opportunities and leadership. The Boy Scouts of America continue to ready their members to become leaders of strength and character--leaders who are Prepared for Life. 

Town Hall Announcement

Please come out to one of our two town hall meetings next Saturday, March 18th.  Both are excellent opportunities to voice your thoughts and concerns. 

Date: 9 a.m. Saturday, March 18th
Event:  Joint Town Hall Meeting
Sponsors:  Reps Lundeen, Nordberg, Carver & Sen. Lambert
Location:  TCA North Campus; 975 Stout Rd.

Date: 6 p.m. Saturday, March 18th
Event:  Town Hall Meeting
Sponsors: Rep Lundeen, El Paso County Commissioner Longinos Gonzales, District Attorney Dan May, El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder
Location: Ellicott Community Center; 23355 State Hwy 94; Calhan, CO 80808

Please feel free to let us know if you will be attending either of these. 

As always, thank you for staying engaged.  

Posted on March 11, 2017 .