Lundeen Leadership In Action: Real Solutions for Education In Colorado

Paul Lundeen, HD 19



It's simple: Our kids are the future of Colorado and they deserve the best opportunities available to them.

We all know that our education system is failing many students as well as parents – here locally and across Colorado. I work hard as your state representative to show up with new solutions that bring innovation and choice to our students.

Education has always been my #1 passion and is one of the main reasons I ran for office. Recently, I served on the State Board of Education from the Fifth Congressional District, where I served as the Chairman.

So, what have we achieved for HD 19 students and students across Colorado? Here are a few highlights from last legislative session...

It is crucial that we allow our Colorado students the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school, in order to encourage future academic success, legislation we sponsored advanced that effort

With plenty of education elements moving online, student privacy is increasingly at risk and protecting students needs to be a priority. 

My bill, HB16-1423, will restore the community-led education system, which protects student identity. The bill protects the 'digital footprint' students leave behind in this increasingly technological age. 

Not only this, I also supported civics tests for those working to graduate high school. If our kids don’t have a working understanding of our country’s basic political and economic mechanics, it is basically impossible for them to be properly engaged citizens. Helping students become civically literate will ensure better opportunities for them as fully educated adults and a better future for our county, state, and nation. 

Now is our time to continue moving in the right direction!

I have promised to provide leadership in action to create real, lasting change. I am more committed now than ever, after seeing what we've been able to get done together

With your vote in November, we can continue to build a better education for our students. With good leadership, we can be an example for the rest of the nation to follow.

You can learn more about my campaign and get involved at my website:
Paul Lundeen
Colorado State Representative, House District 19
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Posted on September 27, 2016 .