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Take Back Your Colorado Government

Fewer new bills to become laws.  A state budget built by the whole General Assembly instead of six members. And a legislature restrained by a shorter session. Sound attractive? Then you’ll love HCR16-1001.

We sat down recently with the Independence Institute think tank and Jon Caldera on his Devil's Advocate program to discuss our proposal to change the way we manage the state budget and govern Colorado. Join the conversation here:

Photo Credit: Independence Institute

Photo Credit: Independence Institute

House Resolution 1001 would shorten the legislative session, reducing the number of bills and resolutions General Assembly members may introduce, from 5 to 2, and change the budget process to a biennial timeline and move control of the budget from the six Joint Budget Committee members to all 100 elected legislators.

The resolution, which requires a two thirds vote of both the House and Senate to get to the people has been scheduled for its hearing on Monday, April 11th at 1:30pm in House State, Veterans & Military Affairs committee in the Legislative Services Building.

Thank You For Your Support

Connie and I are grateful to have been nominated at the County Assembly last weekend. Your continued support provides the opportunity for me to run again to serve House District 19 in the Colorado General Assembly.

Photo Credit: Laura Carno

Photo Credit: Laura Carno

I am honored to serve, and committed to pursuing Smaller Government Freer People every step of the way. THANK YOU for your continued engagement, and support in the effort to better govern our beautiful state.

Chalkbeat Colorado on Student Privacy Bill

Our nation-leading legislation to protect student privacy and the substantial trail of digital data students create while in school was introduced this week.

This article by Chalkbeat Colorado highlights the provisions that HB16-1423 would create for student data collection and usage. This bill is fundamentally about restoring parents’ trust in an education system that continues to expand its utilization of innovative technology in the classroom. Key provisions of HB16-1423 would prohibit educational software  providers from selling personally identifiable student information and from using such information for targeted advertising to students.

Read the full article here

Photo Credit:  Chalkbeat Colorado

Photo Credit: Chalkbeat Colorado

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful Colorado spring. 

It is an honor to serve, 


Posted on April 4, 2016 .