Stop Human Trafficking Bill Scheduled

Continuing the Fight to Protect Children from Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, the second largest and fastest growing criminal enterprise in America, must be confronted and stopped. We must protect and help heal those who are swept up into this scourge on our society.

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Our bill, HB16-1224, was scheduled this week to be heard on March 8th in the House Public Health and Human Services committee. The bill would help victims of human trafficking, and those at risk, get at social services from their county departments by broadening the statutory definition of "child abuse or neglect" to include trafficking victims. 

We invite you to join into the legislative process as we fight to protect and care for some of our most vulnerable Coloradans. 


Student Data Protections Bill Soon to be Introduced

Our effort to safeguard our students by protecting the data collected as they progress through public school will be introduced into the House in the next few weeks. Here's a report on the effort from Chalkbeat Colorado.

Photo Credit: Conscious Life News

Photo Credit: Conscious Life News

The spread of online testing, use of new tools to evaluate the readiness of preschool and kindergarten students and the proliferation of classroom apps have generated a lot of anxiety among some parent groups and policymakers.

A bill intended to impose greater privacy and security requirements on software and service vendors died in the 2015 session after lawmakers couldn’t reconcile a stronger Senate bill with a somewhat softer House version.

The issue is back this year, with Republican Rep. Paul Lundeen of Monument and Democratic Rep. Alex Garnett of Denver trying to reconcile the wishes of parents, school districts and the software industry.

The key questions are disclosure of what data is collected, how it’s protected, whether it can be sold or shared, how long student data is retained and whether personal information about individual students can really be protected when data is aggregated.
Any legislation on data privacy will need to walk a fine line between protecting student privacy and not stifling educational innovation. “This is an extremely heavy lift,” Lundeen said.

Sen. Chris Holbert, R-Parker, was the author and would-be broker of last year’s unsuccessful data privacy bill. He’s not closely involved in the issue this year, but feels, “We have a better chance.”

Garnett, Lundeen’s partner in the effort, said the state “can’t go another year without putting some guardrails” on data privacy.
— Chalkbeat Colorado

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Posted on February 15, 2016 .