You have royal authority. In America we call it the vote. Exercise your sovereignty!

We first stepped into the political fray to make the case that a smaller government and freer people honors the best traditions of Colorado and America and offers the best promise for the future of our beloved home.

It has been Connie and my honor to serve House District 19 for the past two years. And we are asking for you to let us continue the fight to return authority from the offices of entrenched government interests into the hands of the people of Colorado.

If you have not already done so, please cast your ballot today. As of November 3rd, it is too late to safely mail your ballot. Click HERE for the full list of ballot drop-off locations and voting centers in El Paso County. 

It is in times of challenge that we must return to the touchstones of our country. 

You, the citizen are sovereign! Please cast your ballot today. Make your voice heard.

Thank you.

Paul Lundeen

Posted on November 7, 2016 .