Methadone Dispensary Fight Continues

The effort to create a system in Colorado to help people suffering from addiction and at the same time protect the most vulnerable among us--our children--continued this week at the State Capitol.

Rep. Lundeen before the House State, Veteran & Military Affairs Committee

Rep. Lundeen before the House State, Veteran & Military Affairs Committee

We presented House Bill 16-1068 to the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs committee on Wednesday. The bill would have given local communities, like Monument, more control over where methadone dispensaries are allowed to be placed. It would've also tightened up the licensing requirements for the businesses that operate such dispensaries.

Although the bill was killed along party lines, all Democrats on the panel opposing it, we did gather some bipartisan support to figure out ways to tighten the licensing of these operations. I will press forward with that effort.

At the same time we are considering running a version of the same bill in the Senate with the strategy of building support there and then returning to the House of Representatives.

The following links will take you to some of the stories about this issue that were in the media this past week.

The Gazette:    Lundeen’s Bill Would Save Lives  //  Photo Credit: CBS News

The Gazette: Lundeen’s Bill Would Save Lives // Photo Credit: CBS News

Thank you to the scores of individuals who came up to support the effort in testifying in favor of the bill. It is gratifying to see the community come together in an effort to protect our children and help individuals who are in need.


Posted on January 29, 2016 .