Once Again Unto the Breach; Smaller Government Freer People

The second regular session of the 70th General Assembly is underway.  It is my honor to continue to work for smaller more efficient government and personal liberty.  Thank you for your interest. In response to the positive feedback we received we will resume the weekly updates during the legislative session.

Let’s get to it.

Governor Hickenlooper, Widen This Road
I will continue to fight to widen I-25 between Monument and Castle Rock without budget shenanigans to do so. The number of accidents people are having on this section of road has skyrocketed and the damage this problem causes to our economy and Coloradans’ quality of life must be fixed. This project has been called a “priority” by the Governor and I aim to make sure it is treated as one.  And, we must have vision in this project; the bridges should be built for four lanes each way as the roadway is improved to three in anticipation of future growth. 

Protecting Students and The Data they Create on Day One
On the first day of the session KMGH TV highlighted our effort to protect students by making clear what data is being collected, for what purpose and to put protections around that personal information. The bill we are sponsoring has collected bipartisan support and a cosponsor from across the aisle, Representative Alec Garnett, D-Denver.  Here’s the link to the video.

Lundeen Introduces Bill to Give Communities More Control Over Methadone Clinics
This is the first bill we filed this year. Here's a sample from the media advisory that went out. Please be prepared to come to Denver and testify on this issue. We will need your help to make sure the legislature sees the concern communities have over this issue.

unnamed (1).png

Here’s the full text:

Denver – Today, Representative Paul Lundeen, R-Monument, introduced legislation to give local citizens more involvement in the placement of methadone clinics in their community. The legislation aims to reclassify methadone clinics as dispensaries and provides distance protections from schools, parks and other sensitive community locations.

Additionally, the legislation will strengthen the licensing process, allowing the Colorado Department of Human Services to consider infractions or problems that license applicants or their holding companies may have had in other states.

“Heroin and opioid addiction is a serious problem, and while methadone clinics are an important part of addiction treatment, their presence near schools, parks and other sensitive areas can potentially put kids at greater risk to drug exposure and other concerning elements of substance abuse,” said Lundeen. “Communities in Colorado can influence where marijuana dispensaries operate and that same level of community protection should be applied to other drug dispensaries like methadone clinics. My bill stiffens the licensing process for methadone clinics and gives communities more control over where these drug dispensaries can operate.”

Senator Kent Lambert, R-Colorado Springs is the Senate sponsor of the bill and Representative Terri Carver, R-Colorado Springs is a pre-file cosponsor in the House.

As always, thanks for your interest and engagement.


Posted on January 21, 2016 .