Why We Have Hope. Happy Independence Day Weekend

Earlier this week, late one night, I sat with a book across my knees reading a letter written millennia ago to the people of a great empire. It warned them of the catastrophe looming in their future. Although an ancient letter, it seemed eerily prescient, as if written to the people of America.  It warned of a time when "up" would be described as "down", "in" would be described as "out" and "right" would be described as "wrong".

When I paused I saw an email from a friend inviting me to view this attachment that he and his team had prepared. 

 What I saw quickened my heart, bolstered my hope, invigorated my commitment.

America is a remarkable idea. I would say a Divinely inspired thought that became a country.

As we celebrate this anniversary of America's Independence, I encourage you to consider the roots and cause of the bountiful life you and I share.  All we enjoy is rooted in freedom of thought, freedom of expression and most fundamentally freedom of religion.  For without the ability to clearly and boldly express our personal understanding not only of today, but of eternity, the idea that became America will vanish like a mist in the hot July sun.

Please enjoy this video, enjoy Independence Day, and pray with me that God will continue to bless America. 

Video Credit to Coldwater Media in Monument, Colorado and The Hillsdale College Choir


Posted on July 2, 2015 .