Another Award, Student Focused Education, Fighting for a Safer, Wider I-25

Student Focused Education

This month we were honored to speak to a gymnasium full of Peyton area residents supporting student focused education opportunities.

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The local school board, Superintendent Tim Kistler, and program leader Dean Mattson, have recruited nearly 40 companies from around the globe to provide equipment and expertise to the Career Technical Education Facility in the heart of Peyton.  Experts say it is the most advanced woodworking lab in the country.  I say it is a great example of the creative leadership needed to bring public education into the 21st Century and provide students with individualized choices.  

Another Award

Before the Presidential debates in Boulder we were honored by the American Conservative Union, with their Conservative Excellence award.

Matt Schlapp, Chairman of the American Conservative Union, Paul Lundeen and Millie Hallow, NRA & ACUF Vice Chair

The award is presented based on legislative effectiveness promoting liberty, personal responsibility and traditional values.

Improve I-25 Without Financial Gimmicks

And, this month our efforts to hold the Governor accountable for his campaign promise to make widening I-25 from Monument to Castle Rock a “priority” earned public attention in The Gazette and the Tri-Lakes Tribune.  

At this point the Governor has conditioned moving the project forward on budgetary maneuvers that in my opinion would threaten the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

In our most recent letter to the Governor we wrote, “If widening the road is in fact a priority, we need to find methods within the existing policy construct to complete the project.  It is disingenuous to say something is a priority and then demand a wholesale change in the policy landscape to achieve it.  It would be as if I told my child funding her college education is a priority and later letting her know it only happens if I win the lottery.”

We will continue to fight to improve I-25.  Every day we delay commerce is disrupted.  Profits are forgone. Taxes that would be paid vanish.  Every day we delay the quality of life of thousands of Coloradans is diminished.  

Serving You

As always, we are interested in your feedback.  Please keep us posted on what’s happening in your neighborhood.  If you would like me to come listen (and speak) at a neighborhood group or your service club please let me know.

Posted on November 8, 2015 .