Jill’s Story: Colorado High School teacher calls billion dollar tax increase “bad for teachers”

Jill, a public high school teacher in Colorado, is speaking out on what Amendment 66 will mean for schools and Colorado families.  Jill tells Colorado Women’s Alliance that this billion dollar tax increase will not trickle down to help her classroom.  The biggest tax increase in Colorado history has no accountability and simply does not get money to where it is needed.

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Jill says that in the midst of the struggling economy parents are floundering to provide basics for their children and this massive tax increase is not what they need. One of the biggest problems with the tax increase is the fact that very little if any money at all will be spent to reduce class size, which in Jill’s opinion is “absolutely significant in improving instruction.”  Jill says it simply, this bill is unjust and unfair.

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Posted on October 15, 2013 .