Put That Gavel Down Madam Chair, I'm Here To Represent The People of Colorado

You may find our interview this week with Ross Kaminsky on KHOW interesting.  We discussed the FAMLI Act, a proposed new billion dollar tax on every employee in Colorado. The research arm of the National Federation of Independent Business reports that the bill would kill 14,000 jobs in Colorado and sop up $1.8 billion of working capital over the next ten years that would have been available to create new jobs. Click the picture below to hear the dialog with Ross.

Posted on April 14, 2019 .

Three Weeks Left in the Session

This week the session accelerated. We are racing to the finish line of mandatory adjournment on May 3, 2019. And the redistribution of power over your ability to live your life as you see fit--from your hands to government--has accelerated as well.

Posted on April 14, 2019 .

Bill To Unnecessarily Tighten Regulations on Energy Production Threatens Colorado Economy and Jobs

In response to a resounding defeat at the ballot box last November, the Green Agenda Faction of the Democrat party brought SB19-181 and pushed it swiftly through both chambers of the Colorado General Assembly. The bill is designed to curtail the development and production of oil and gas in Colorado. It was in its first Senate committee on March 5th and passed out of The House on March 29th. It is now on the Governor’s desk where it is expected to be signed. See my comments on this job threatening big government over-reach here.

Posted on March 30, 2019 .

Public Option Health Care Legislation Will Lead to Delays--If You Can Even Find Healthcare

We will continue to work for access to affordable health care for everyone. Government price controls will lead to providers dropping out of service. That will cause rationing of care, long waits for care--if it is available--and ultimately a drop in quality as fewer providers are pressured to meet the expanding demand. Democrat bills being brought to the General Assembly this session are pushing a public option that will lead to those negative outcomes.

Click here to see the KRDO story.

Posted on February 14, 2019 .