I am pleased to endorse Paul Lundeen for State Senate District 9. I have had the pleasure of working with Paul in the State Legislature. He is the leading voice in education policy and school reform. Paul is a strong advocate for the people of his district and will bring that same commitment to the State Senate. I ask you to join me in supporting Paul Lundeen for State Senate District 9. — Rep. Terri Carver, House District 20

Senator Kent Lambert is term limited and has endorsed Lundeen for SD 9. At his announcement Lambert called Lundeen “a remarkable champion for the people of El Paso County and Colorado.” The Chairman of the Joint Budget Committee said, “Lundeen has proven himself effective on the State Board of Education and now as a difference maker in the Colorado House. Lundeen is a guy who gets things done!”
— Kent Lambert

“Both Paul and I have represented the 5th Congressional district on the Colorado State Board of Education. We have worked to protect and defend the God given rights of parents to ‘train up their children in the way they should go’ by pushing to reduce government interference in our education system. Paul championed the reduction of the Common Core footprint and onerous testing and I believe that as a State Senator, he will continue to do so. Join me in supporting Paul Lundeen for Senate District nine.”

—Peggy Littleton
El Paso County Commissioner

"Paul Lundeen is the epitome of integrity and someone I have the utmost respect for. He’s also a man of action with a proven record of accomplishment on the issues we as conservatives care most about.  One issue where Paul's leadership skills go above and beyond, it's where he's a trailblazer: on the issue of transportation...specifically widening the road between Monument and Castle Rock. During these challenging times, we need leaders with the knowledge and passion to fight the liberal agenda at every turn.  Paul Lundeen is that candidate and I ask you to please join me in supporting his candidacy for Senate District Nine"-Rep. Dan Nordberg, House District 14

I can say without fear of contradiction that Paul Lundeen truly believes, and lives by, his vision of the United States — and by extension the State of Colorado — as a place founded in liberty, under God (Paul is much more of a believer than I am), and organized by the wisest political douments in the history of humankind: the American Constitution and Declaration of Independence. You can (and should) read more about Paul’s history and views.
— Ross Kaminsky

For me to endorse a candidate, he/she must have proven and unwavering commitment to traditional, conservative ideals and not have to be lobbied to do the right thing in order to protect our God-given rights and liberties. He/she must be willing to take the right stands, even when they to not appear popular, i.e. to stand alone if necessary. I am convinced that Paul Lundeen is that type of person and deserves my endorsement for Senate District Nine.
— Sen. Dave Schultheis

It is my pleasure to endorse Paul Lundeen for State Senate District Nine.  His leadership on critical issues of El Paso County and Colorado--like widening I-25 is powerful and effective.   --Darryl Glenn, El Paso County Commissioner

"I support Representative Paul Lundeen for Senate District 9. His experience with the State Board of Education, desire for local communities to better control their own destiny, and his demonstrated leadership in the State House are all outstanding reasons why Paul will make a great Colorado Senator. He will better prioritize Colorado's State budget to increase infrastructure investment (road and highways) and he is a compassionate legislator having worked to eliminate human trafficking. Representative Lundeen will serve us well as our District 9 Senator." --Stan VanderWerf, El Paso County Commissioner

Paul has been a dedicated public servant, who stands for what is right.  A man of integrity and conservative values, he is a trusted servant-leader for our community.  I am proud to endorse him for state senate; he will do an outstanding job representing our region." --Longinos Gonzales, El Paso County Commissioner

Paul is a strong leader and capable businessman. He is the type of individual we need in Denver to strengthen our economy and restrain government.
— Amy Stephens

The Colorado House needs a man like Paul Lundeen. A man of character and a man true to his beliefs. Paul will represent those of us living in HD19 with integrity and a passion to keep government small. I am for Paul Lundeen.
— Don Griffin, Executive Director, Monument Academy

Let me know what I can do. You have my overwhelming support.
— Dave Maynard


As Chairman of the Colorado State Board of Education, Paul stands out as one of the nation’s leading defenders of parental choice in education and academic free markets. Regardless of how the teacher unions and Capitol Hill liberals manipulate schools to advance their own partisan agendas, Paul Lundeen always finds the courage to put principle ahead of politics.
— Bob Schaffer, Former Congressman
Paul Lundeen is a friend and neighbor, a member of my precinct as well as serving on the State Board of Education. Paul is the kind of person who tries to bring people together—around the principles of liberty, as you can read on his website. We need people like Paul representing us in the state legislature: uniters, not dividers and especially those who will unite around the principles of free markets and limited government. I wholeheartedly endorse Paul Lundeen for Senate District 9.
— Al Maurer


Paul has integrity that we must demand of all those we elect to public office. He understands the true meaning of public service and he has my full support.
— Bob Balink


I’ve worked with Paul in his role on the state board of education. He’s a proven conservative working well for the students of Colorado.
— Representative Chris Holbert

I am grateful for Paul’s leadership and dedication as a champion for innovation and choice in education.
— Kim McClelland, Assistant Superintendent Falcon School District 49

Because Paul Lundeen is a like-minded, passionately pro-life Christian conservative, I enthusiastically and whole-heartedly endorse him as State Representative for District 19.
— Karla Kroeker
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